Pantene Rose Water Shampoo/Conditioner Review

I actually got this Pantene set in the mail unexpectedly! There was a delay in email communications and the products came in before the email confirmation but I was pretty happy! They can from Influenster in exchange for an honest review and I actually have a lot of good things to say about these!

First things first, the packaging. The bottles are covered in a rose petal design, cause it’s rose water to you know… makes sense. I really like the pump on top! I’ve only ever seen that on the really big head and shoulders bottles but it’s just so handy and cleaner. I find I tend to get shampoo all over the lids after I squirt it into my hand but the pump makes it easy. Plus you don’t use too much product if you stick with just one pump.

These smell really nice too. It isn’t a super strong lingering scent either. The conditioner has worked wonders on my hair. I have a much easier time brushing it afterwords. My hair feels better overall. It’s softer and looks healthier too! They are sulfate free and definitely very moisturizing.

I plan on using this set until it’s done and then I might go out and replace them. I just got a shampoo bar from Lush so I should probably use that before buying anymore. If I’m not mistaken these should be available anywhere you would find Pantene products. Such as Walmart, pharmacies, etc.

Have you guys seen these before?



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