April Project Pan Update

Okay so I’m late on posting my project pan but I have been insanely busy and I’ve managed to fall behind on a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to post! I’m going to try writing my posts in advance again and just scheduling them to post themselves.

Anyways, project pan! First up, my lip products and eyeliner update. I’ve definitely made a little bit of progress on these. Barely any on the first two, but a pretty good amount on the eyeliner and the lip gloss which I was pretty surprised about. Though I do wear it even when I don’t do any other makeup so I guess that helps me get through it faster.

I’ve managed to finish off some bigger items which I’m so happy about! I can’t wait to finish off a lip product though, that will be so nice. I finally finished a lotion. It’s basically a miracle. I also finished off a setting spray, a BBW candle, a perfume, and a makeup remover. I’m hoping to finish a couple of samples by my next update.

I also have a little haul from Lush. I went in to buy the shampoo bar and ended up getting two avobath bathbombs too. Those won’t last long so it’s all good. It’s been a while since I’ve bought myself bathbombs. I’ve mostly been using bubble bars lately.

My next project pan post will be an inventory update. I don’t know if you guys have seen yet but Sephora is doing their spring sales so I might get some stuff.. I’m going to try and keep it limited (yeah right). I need a new cleanser though because I think I only have a couple of used left in mine. There are so many new products I want to try though so I might get a few other things because well, at least they’ll be on sale!

Do you guys have any must buys for this sale?



7 thoughts on “April Project Pan Update

      1. I might have already made the purchase today before the sale…Everything I bought was on sale though, so I don’t feel like I lost out on the 10%.


      2. Oh, yes, I am! lol. I got everything at a really great sale price. Overall, better than 10% and I was right. The first day of the sale all of my items were marked out of stock. I am happy I purchased online before hand. Also, you cannot use a promo code and the 10% off promo code, which sucks. I was able to snag a deluxe size of something that I have been dying to try on my Love’s List. I will be hitting the November sale, but I’m not sad that I missed out on this one.


      3. I look forward to reading it! Yeah I don’t like that we can’t use the sale code and a promo code. It’s pretty annoying. I noticed a few things go out of stock pretty fast, there was a lip product I wanted to try but it sold out so quickly!

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