IHOP review

The closest IHOP to me is a four hour drive away and we would have to cross the border into the States. For whatever reason, I have always wanted to go to IHOP. I went once like 8 years ago on our way to Jersey and I don’t even remember if it was good. I just remember the hot chocolate was good, the waiter was cute, and I was hanging out with my family on a road trip.

The next time I got IHOP was earlier this year in Florida. We drove past it on our way from the airport to our resort and I immediately declared that we have to go at some point that week. My family thought I was weird but I insisted that I needed chocolate chip pancakes. Non negotiable.

We ended up going and when I opened the menu, THERE WERE NO CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES! I was freaking out, those are the most basic ones! How could they not have them?! Well I asked the waitress and apparently they have a bunch of pancakes that they just don’t put on the menu. I mean, how is someone supposed to know this?!

I got my pancakes and they were seriously so good. I also drowned them in syrup but you know.. I had to.

Speaking of syrup, they have like four different syrups for you to pour over your pancakes! I thought that was pretty cool. You have the standard old fashion maple, then blueberry, then butter pecan, and of course, strawberry.

The service was pretty good considering they were packed. We could barely find parking so we thought we would have to wait. Plus we were a group of six but we were seated after maybe 2 minutes.

Other pancakes that looked super good were the ones my dad got and my boyfriend. My dad got these fruity ones and they were something like fruity tooty?

Jeff chose these ones, I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what they are called but they looked pretty good!

I had to take a nap afterwards eating here. It was perfect. We then hit the beach and I napped again. Perfect day if you ask me! I was living my best life.

I definitely plan on hitting an IHOP again. Too bad they only have them in the states but if you’re there and looking for breakfast, go check them out! So good, then go take a nap. You deserve to live your best life!

Any other good breakfast places you guys recommend?



One thought on “IHOP review

  1. When we went to America my husband really wanted to visit IHOP but I just don’t like pancakes! I think we went anyway and I got a drink or something but I sort of wish I loved them so I could have the full IHOP experience 😂

    Tori | JustTheBeginning-x.com
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