Instant Pot Turkey Stuffed Peppers

I usually save my recipes for the lifestyle post days but omg this recipe was SO GOOD. And soooo easy! I feel like it’s a good go to for busy moms like me and it’s healthy too.

For this recipe we replaced the hamburger meat with turkey meat. It only has 5 ingredients so if you’re someone like me, you’ll probably already have them all on hand.

This recipe calls for:

    1lb ground turkey, lean
    6 Bell peppers
    2 cups Basmati rice
    3 tbsp Taco seasoning
    2 cups cheese

The recipe does have a little bit of prep to do but it could easily be done in advance or on a night where you’ll know you’ll have help.

    Cook rice according to package (I cheated and went as far as using the ready in 2 minutes kind,) set aside to cool.
    Cut tops off bell peppers, take out the seeds and using a tooth pick, poke a few holes towards the bottom of the peppers (to avoid too much liquid.)
    In a large bowl, stir together the cooled rice, ground turkey, taco seasoning and 1 1/4 cups of cheese.
    Spoon filling into the bell peppers.
    Add 1 cup of water to the base of your Instant Pot and place the peppers on the trivet (we didn’t use one and they still came out fine,) sprinkle with remaining cheese.
    Cook on high pressure for 12 minutes, or until cooked through.

My fiancé helped cook this recipe and he was a bit iffy with the instructions so he cooked the turkey meat before placing it in the instant pot. Therefore, we only cooked it for 9 minutes on high pressure instead.

We also didn’t realize we cooked almost double the amount of meat required so we should have added more taco seasoning. We got 8 peppers with the amount of ingredients we used, and even though it could have had a bit more of a kick I was really impressed! The bell peppers didn’t come out too soggy, and the mixture was a big hit even for my toddler.



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