Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Review

I got pretty excited when I found out that you can buy some MAC products online through Sephora so of course I did. So far I started with these three retro matte liquid lipcolours. I was only going to get one but you know…

I first heard about these in an older Jaclyn Hill video. It was in one of her favourites ones and then again in her latest favourites one. I got it in between those and when she talked about them this second time I was like Girl, I get it now.

The three I got are pretty different in shades. There are around 25 different colours available online only so it was pretty hard to just chose three, let alone one! From left to right we have Burnt Spice, Feels So Grand, and Carnivorous.

They are so freaking nice! The colour is really long lasting. Just don’t eat right after putting it on. Definitely give it time to really dry. Another great thing about this is even though it is matte, it doesn’t dry out my lips like some other brands do.

I use a red lip liner with the Feels So Grand one because like most reds, the colour does bleed slightly. The liner helps keep it looking clean.

For some reason I don’t have any pictures with the red which is weird because I’ve worn it the most but here is a look with Burnt Spice.

This look is with the Carnivorous one. It’s like a black/red and gawwd I love a good deep dark lip. Makes me feel badass.

I seriously can’t recommend these enough and I know for a fact that I’m going to buy more of them. I actually have a couple more in my cart right now… I’m attempting to wait for when Sephora has their discount sale but the temptation is real.

Have you guys tried these yet? Any liquid lips you would recommend? I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding in June and I’m trying to figure out what lip product to use!



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