Ollie the Owl Review

Last year when Nora was going through the same 4 month leap/regression that Benji is going through right now, I always just overlooked the idea of a sound machine. Even though many parents swore by it, I didn’t want my baby to have another dependency item. Well lack of sleep and the regression are much easier with only 1 child (and an angel child on top of that,) so I caved this time around.

In the almost 4 months that Benji has been in this world, I have done almost every parenting thing I said I would never do. I know that every baby is different, and sometimes you just have no choice in the matter.

At one point in time, Baby Benji was sleeping with rolled up blankets beside him in the infant insert of the pack n play, because even though it made us really nervous, it was the only way he would sleep. Now that he has gotten too long for the insert piece, he is solely in the pack n play and is having trouble settling.

After many, many nights of waking up every 30 minutes to an hour, and a sore back from co-sleeping, I came across the idea of a sound machine once again.

I know the 4 month sleep regression is when they are supposed to learn how to soothe themselves but I was desperate for a decent nights sleep. The sound machine we got is called “Ollie the Owl” and even though it is a little more pricey than others, it has a cry sensor that activates the noise if baby stirs. It lights up and has 4 different sounds including a lullaby, white noise, a heartbeat and waves. I also liked the fact that we can attach it the side of the crib as well.

It has been a week so far that we have used the sound machine and it has definitely helped! The first night we used it, he slept 4 hours! Just the fact that he will now lay in his playpen for a little bit before waking up is an improvement for me. The sensor on the Owl is a very cool feature but it is too sensitive. Benji snores and it sets it off. Or if someone talks too loud, it sets it off as well.

So even though I am still not getting much sleep, I hope that Benji’s sleep will continue to improve and that the sound machine will help with the transition to going into Nora’s room as well. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a fussy or light sleeper.



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