BIG Conditioner Bar Review

My hair is so frustrating. It’s dry, thin, falls out like nothing and is completely shapeless. Any time I use conditioner to help brush it, it ends up looking super greasy the next day, even if I don’t put any near my roots.

I went into Lush to see if I could find a conditioner bar because I like my shampoo bar so much. The girl from their Laval location was super helpful! She has tried their bars and asked me all kinds of questions to determine which bar would be best for me. We settled on the one called ‘Big’. It gets its name because it is supposed to give your hair volume and make it you know.. big.

I used this when I went to Florida, it’s perfect for travelling since it isn’t a liquid. The humidity while there, made my hair big on its own so I can’t say the bar did that! I can say that my hair was easy to brush through and it looked good! It didn’t look greasy as fast which made me happy.

It took me forever to figure out what this smells like, I ended up just looking online. It’s a mixture of jasmine and vanilla with lemon. It smells clean and fresh. It is a bit strong and I noticed my hair did smell like it, even after rinsing it out but it was nice.

It looks like a bar of soap and that’s basically how you use it. After washing your hair you run the bar over your hair and massage it through. I didn’t put it all the way up to my roots, I stayed lower. Because it is a bar, it is zero waste. Buy the tin for it because you don’t want it to melt! The humidity of the bathroom can cause it to melt so that wouldn’t be ideal. They sell the little metal tins for like $8 CAD I think it was.

I’m definitely going to keep using this paired with my shampoo bar because it’s been doing great things for my hair! If you want to know more about the shampoo bar I use, I’ve linked it below!

Have you guys tried any of their other bars?




New shampoo bar:

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