Old Town (Kissimmee) Theme Park Review

Finally a review for somewhere other than the Montreal area right?! I was fortunate enough to have been able to spend a week in Florida so I tried a bunch of places we don’t have in Montreal or Canada so we can add a little variety to our lifestyle posts! Hopefully we will be travelling more outside of Montreal so we can keep adding new places for everyone.

Anyways! Our first night in Florida, we went to check out Old Town. It is considered a theme park but you only have to pay for the rides. You can get in for free and just walk around checking out the cars and shops. That’s what we did. It was a Saturday night so they had all kinds of old cars lined up and then later in the night they do a car ‘parade’ so you can see them all cruise by. It was pretty cool.

They had giant drinks at a few of the places so of course I got a strawberry daiquiri. 100% recommend that!

There was a live cover band playing in one area. A lot of people had camping chairs to watch and hang out but they also sectioned off an area for dancing too which was a good idea. We saw people trying to line dance so even just watching that part was fun.

There were a few places to eat but we ended up at the Mexican grill. While the food was amazing, the wait time was absolutely ridiculous. There weren’t a whole lot of people even in the restaurant but for some reason it was taking forever for our food. We had ordered some drinks while we waited and they have free chips and salsa out. It got to the point that we were just going to pay for drinks and leave but then they gave us another round on the house, plus said the previous drinks would be free as well. It was nice of them but it was also crazy. I’m a pretty patient person too so I’m not saying it took like 40 minutes or something to get our food. I’m saying we were in there for like 3 hours and only spent maybe 30-45 minutes eating. Luckily the food was good otherwise we really would have been mad!

I got the arroz con pollo which was super good and my boyfriend just got nachos. But man they were a a huge pile!

It was a great night overall. It would be a perfect place to visit or to even have a date night there. I recommend going to check it out!

Have you ever been there before? Where’s a new place you’ve been to lately?



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