Neutrogena Naturals – Makeup Removing Wipes Review

I tend to always get the same makeup remover wipes because I know that I like them. That and I don’t get a reaction from them. This time I had to get a different kind because I was leaving for my trip and I didn’t have time to check other stores so I grabbed these Neutrogena ones from Walmart.

These wipes are the best wipes that I have ever used to remove mascara! It can be such a pain to get mascara off but these ones made it a breeze. On the downside though, they are super rough! I was expecting soft, cool wipes like every other brand I’ve tried but these ones surprised me.

I’ve stopped using them for now because I have a sunburn so the rough wipes are killing my skin but I do plan to keep using them when I’m not peeling and all. The pack I got has 25 in them so they usually last me about 2 months since I don’t wear makeup everyday.

Another nice thing about these wipes though is that there is no greasy feeling left afterwards. One of the micellar waters I used left my skin feeling so oily so I definitely prefer wipes. I was thinking of looking into somehow making my own to be more environmentally friendly but I don’t even know where to start with that!

For now I will finish the makeup remover products that I have and then see about something better for my skin and the environment. I’ve been looking into cleaner products that are better for people. I found the Think Dirty app and have heard of some other one called EWG. I’ll let you guys know if I find anything of interest!

Have you ever heard of anyone making their own makeup remover? Or an environmentally friendly way to remove makeup?



One thought on “Neutrogena Naturals – Makeup Removing Wipes Review

  1. I actually just use a warm washcloth with baby wash on it. I’d be happy to stop staining my washcloths with makeup though if I could ever find a non-greasy makeup remover that doesn’t break my ultra sensitive skin out. I’ve never tried the Neutrogena wipes. Maybe I’ll give them a go and see how they do!


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