My Top 5 Products to Make Mama Life Easier

I have a few people around me who are having babies soon and in an effort to help them as much as I can, I started thinking about the things that make my life easier.

Obviously the things I think of now are not the same products I would have said that made my life easier with my first, cause let’s be honest…life was pretty easy back then!

The life of having not only two under the age of two but also having a more difficult baby has led me to depend more on these specific items…

  1. A good baby wrap

Let me put emphasis on the word WRAP. Benjamin is such a cuddly baby that he can spend hours in our wrap but it also makes it possible for me to pick up and hold Nora when needed. I love our wrap for when Baby doesn’t want to be put down and I use it for when we go out and we’ll be sitting down for let’s say, playing a game and whatnot. I’ve used it out shopping and for a little while it was the only way I could get Nora to sleep.

2. A rocking chair

I feel like baby = rocking chair. When I had Nora I think we spent the first 4 months in this chair. I slept on it, fed her and busiest myself for the long days in it. When Benji rolled around (not too long after,) it was just as convient to use. Minus the sleeping part. Especially for breastfeeding I think having a comfortable and designated “feeding spot” is a must. Nora is starting to catch on as well that cuddles means in the rocking chair. I love that I can comfortably hold both of them at the same time.

3. Car seat canopy

I really, really wish I had taken the plunge and bought one of these sooner. They ALWAYS, and I mean always have sales and it is so worth it! This piece of material is good to cover the car seat, to use as a shopping cart cover but it can also be used as a nursing cover. I wish I had a picture of me using it as a nursing cover because it has seriously been a game changer! I used to hate nursing in public because using a blanket was such a pain, and the baby would always get too warm and uncomfortable. But with this, you just stick it over your head, place the baby under it and voila! All you see are the little baby feet sticking out underneath and you have a good view of them from the top. Here’s is the link to check them out :

4. Two favorite songs

Music has been a lifesaver ever since Nora was born. She used to like being walked around all the time so in order to occupy my time we would listen to music. She took a liking to a certain nursery rhyme playlist and lemme tell ya, it calms her down in every situation. She could be having a full on temper tantrum and I’ll ask her if she wants to listen to her music and she immediately stops. We listen to it when in the car, and she used to fall asleep to me singing them to her as well. My favorite to sing is “Mockingbird” but I think it’s because it’s one that my mom used to sing to me when I was little too. I say to have two favorite songs because I use one to make myself happy as well. In moments mamahood just gets to be too much, I play by favorite country song and take a few deep breathes. It’s also good to get the nursery rhymes out of your head 😉

5. Google Home Mini

This is especially crucial with two under two. It seems silly but what a life changer! Our hands seem to always be full and I can never find my phone, so with this neat gadget I can just simply ask it to play our music, or cast Nora’s cartoons to the tv. All hands free. It’s great when I’m looking or attempting a recipe, or if I’m lonely it can tell me joke. It can read my audiobooks, and answer all my silly questions. I cannot express enough how much I love this thing!

I wanted to include my pressure cooker in this list but I think I’ll do a post for that on its own!

What are your favorite products that make your life easier?



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