“All Your Perfects” Book Review

I love to read. I love the escape from reality and I haven’t been making much time for it lately. So when I came across this new Colleen Hoover book, I knew I just had to read it. Colleen Hoover is one of my favorite authors because her books are usually full of sap and happy endings. The more sap the better!

But this book. Oh my, I felt it to my core. I hurt for the main character. I felt her pain. Literally. I almost gave up reading it, I don’t like sad books! But I’m glad I ended up finishing it.

There was definitely no lack of sap in this book but it is about a couple dealing with infertility. About how it consumes the main characters life, and changes the relationship with her husband. Obviously she has the best hubby in the whole wide world, but I’m glad it sorta had a happy ending. It doesn’t end the way you would imagine it would, and I found it ended too quickly, but it was really interesting to be inside this lady’s head.

I can have children (too easily,) and this book broke my heart. Over and over again. But that’s what I love about this author. She always throws you for hoops, and keeps you wanting more. I feel like these characters are part of my life now, and I feel so much for people who have do deal with infertility. It showed us a side that we wouldn’t understand from the outside, but it also had some good tricks and tips on how to deal with it as well.

I would recommend this book a hundred times over, my sister and my mom are already reading it too! So much so that I want to reread it. Appreciate it a little more.

If anyone has read this book, I would love to discuss it!



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