Beauty Inventory 2019

I got my shit together and made an excel sheet! I’m feeling very accomplished over here. Before I get into all that fun stuff, I’ll start with my empties and lip product update.

I’m pretty happy with my empties over the last two months. A few more things moved out of my collection! Only two of these empties made a difference with the inventory I made. The tiny little brow pencil sample and the BBW candle. I also finished my Benefit lip balm but accidentally threw it out before taking the pictures.

I have finally made more progress in my lip products. The lip balm is done but I’m not replacing it in my lip product project yet. I will at some point but not this month. I might wait until I change colours.

Now for beauty inventory! I got two beauty organizers at Christmas time so I went through all of my things to reorganize and tally them all up at the same time.

First I got this palette organizer. I can now line most of them up so I can see them. I’ve noticed I use more palettes now since they are out instead of being shoved in a drawer, berried under other things. And no, those are not all of my palettes.

This on is my favourite! Acrylic drawers so I can see everything inside. Top two drawers are lip products, then mascara, and liquid highlights. Fourth drawer is filled with foil samples and sheet masks. Bottom drawer has single shadows and eye liners.

I definitely feel better having things organized and it’s easier to see what I have. I have soooo much stuff but I’m not feeling as overwhelmed. Next up is my excel sheet!

I have the product sections listed on the left, then I was able to find the amounts for January 2018 for most of the categories. I then have 2019 inventory followed by the months to see how it varies.

You bet I colour coded them! Green means my stock has decreased which is good, the reddish pink, it’s supposed to be red, means the numbers have gone up. The yellow one is just neutral so no change in those sections. I am actually really happy that I did this. Now I can see where I really don’t need new things and where it is okay for me to buy more. Like I only have one brow product so it is okay if I want to get another one. Where as I have to try really hard not to buy mascara, eyeshadow, or lip products!

I’m going to try and stay on a pretty low buy this year. There isn’t a whole lot that I need… even though there is a lot that I want.

Any suggestions on how to stick to a low/no buy?



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