Baby B’s 2 month update

So I’m officially a horrible mother…to my second child at least. How did I not think to do this post last week when I was looking for ideas? *face palm*

Baby B is officially 10 weeks old! It seems like the time has passed by so quickly but at the same time how has it ONLY been 10 weeks? I feel like we’ve done so much and so much has happened since he was born!

As we all know, we had a rough few weeks at the beginning with Benji as he was very needy and was never happy. He started to get a bit better and then he hit his 6 week regression which seemed to last almost 3 weeks.

The regression was very difficult. He started waking up every hour again and he wanted to be on the boob ALL DAY LONG. I started to question my parenting skills and if I was producing enough milk. I think the only thing that kept me going was when my fiancé said to me “I wonder when you’re going to break.” Like what? Who even says that?! Well I was determined to prove him wrong and here we are at 10 weeks going strong.

After almost 3 weeks, it was like one morning we woke up and I had a completely new baby. I put him down to run to the bathroom and when I got there I thought to myself “huh? Why isn’t Benji crying?” Yup, he was happy just chilling by himself for once! I couldn’t believe it! He started sleeping in 4 hour stretches and was so much more aware of the world around him.

A few days later he started smiling and that’s when I felt myself breathe for the first time in two months. In that moment I finally felt like I connected to my newborn. As much as I fell in love the moment he was born, I was struggling to really get to know him. I wasn’t able to understand his cues, or know what he needed when. I felt so bad for my baby boy because all I wanted was to put him down every chance I got.

Now he makes my heart melt as he babbles his baby stories to me and he brings tears to my eyes when he smiles after I tell him I love him. He is 100000% a mama’s boy and we still have our rough days here and there but I’m so glad the days of not connecting with him are over.

I love when he holds my finger to fall asleep and the way he looks at his big sister reminds me that the best days are yet to come.

His hair is finally growing back on the top and it still has a reddish tint to it that Daddy doesn’t like hehe. We can only hold him facing outwards unless he’s nursing which was the same way with his sister so maybe it’s my fault? I’m not sure but I don’t mind it!

He’s still very sensitive (I’ve decided to use a positive word instead of whiny,) but maybe that’s just going to be his character. I feel the need to protect him all the time as I’m still struggling with the lack of connection from his Daddy and other certain family members. I just hope it gets better soon.

I look forward to watching Mr Benjamin grow and I’m excited to see his little character bloom. I also vow to remember to do monthly updates from here on out!



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