Salmon Nicoise Salad review

I came across this recipe on the Sweat app meal plan. It had a couple ingredients that I wasn’t a fan of so I decided to try and change it a bit. Below I’ve attached screen shots of the recipe and then I will explain how I changed it.

I didn’t add onions or olives and I thought I had spinach and green beans but turned out I didn’t so that was left out too (#mombrain.) Instead of green beans I added asparagus but it got soggy and gross so I don’t recommend doing that.

Below are the ingredients provided by the app:

The sauce came out so much better than I thought! It was light but so flavourful.

But the other stuff…was so random. Each individual ingredient tasted good but all together just didn’t work for me. I don’t know if maybe I left out some key ingredients but I was not a fan. Nora wouldn’t even eat it and she eats everything!

Overall this recipe was pretty simple it just required a lot of prep. Like cooking the eggs, sweet potatoes and salmon, then cutting up the tomatoes etc. But at least we had some good leftovers! All separately of course.

I look forward to trying more recipes off the sweat app, and if your interested in it too, here’s a link 🙂

Where do you get your food recipes from?



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