Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review

I have only ever used one brow product before and it was the ABH brow powder duo. As much as I loved that one, the pencil is just so much easier!


This comes in two different sizes. The mini is .17 g whereas the larger one is .34G. Another difference is that the larger sized one comes with a spoolie-brush on the other end. You can get it for $32 CAD or the mini for $17 CAD at Sephora.


There are a few different colours/shades but I used number 3 which is the warm light brown. I used it pretty lightly so it still have a natural look to it but I think if you add more you could also make it darker.


The pencil tip it perfect. It is slightly angled so you have a sharp tip but also a wider part. You shape your brows with the point and then fill them in with the flat part.


What makes me hesitate in buying this is that the brand isn’t cruelty free yet as they still sell their products in China. They are required by law there to test on animals which is so disappointing. There are some companies that only test on animals there and are cruelty free elsewhere but it still sucks.


Benefit is definitely known for their brow products as they have their brow bars. I know they also had a brow boot camp over the summer that would have been so amazing to be part of!


I’m glad I got this sample but after looking into the brand more I might look for something similar from another brand… Any suggestions?

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