Marine Boosting Mist Review

This spray is seriously the bomb. My skin is ridiculously dry and this spray has been so helpful. It’s so much faster than applying moisturizer too.

If I’m running out the door or just need a quick refresh, I’ll spray this on my face. It feels so cool when you apply it. It also smells really nice, similar to Tarte’s H2O Moisturizer. It smells kind of fresh and tropical.

This is a 4-in-1 spray which is pretty cool. It can be used as a primer, a setting spray, a moisturizer and a refresher spray.

They have more then one size but the smaller one is perfect for traveling. You can’t but it at Sephora but they have it included in value kits sometimes. If you want to get it you’ll have to order it from the actual Tarte site.

I definitely recommend checking it out! I’ve been enjoying a lot of their Rainforest of the Sea products. Another plus is that this product is vegan so if you’re making changes I recommend looking into this. Tarte is also cruelty free!

What is your go to setting spray or moisturizer?



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