3 Brasseurs Restaurant Review

Les 3 Brasseurs, also known as the 3 Brewers in English, has a lot of locations in and around Montreal. I’ve been to a couple of them now and they have all been good!

The last one I went to was actually for a little Christmas party with my work where we were about 20-25 people. I thought the service would end up being slow because we were such a large group but I was pleasantly surprised!

They have a cool option for appetizers for groups too. This long board comes with cups holding all sorts of things. Some of the food in there were fried pickles, bruschetta, fries, pretzels, and more. It also came with a couple of different dips.

Their red sangria is really good too! I only had one glass because I had to drive later on but I would definitely have ordered more if I could have. It was a great mix. They also are known to brew their own beer (hence the name) in house which is pretty cool. You can go and see where they do it as they have it behind glass for you to be able to see it.

There is a good variety of food to choose from but I went with a burger and fries. The burger was really good but the fries were fantastic! They came it this super cute little mini deep frier basket which I thought was a neat idea.

I’ll definitely be going back there in the future! It’s really great for group events too. Some of their locations have an outdoor eating area too in the summer time so be sure to check them out!

Have you guys ever tried fried pickles? They’re actually really good!



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