I saw this on Instagram and got the courage up to join the movement and support fellow mamas!

This is my postpartum…(summed up of course! There’s so much more I could say)

It’s the XL jogging pants you keep wearing because it’s the only thing that fits comfortably.

It’s the throw up/ booger stained shirt you haven’t changed out of because you know the next one will just get dirty anyways.

It’s the randomly placed stretch marks that you didn’t know you could get.

It’s the saggy belly button, (I didn’t even know this was a thing!)

And the left love handle being bigger than the right.

It’s the leaky boobs that you know you will never get back.

It’s the little baby hairs that stick out all over your head that you have no control over.

It’s breastfeeding, all.day.long.

It’s the mom bun, cause it’s the easiest and doesn’t get in the way.

It’s never having time for yourself, which is okay.

It’s the bags under your eyes, from being up all night (and all day.)

It’s crying out in frustration for the littlest of things.

It’s being hungry, all the damn time but having no appetite.

It’s praying for them to stop crying, again.


It’s the best thing ever.

It’s the perfect, little head that fits right into the palm of your hand.

It’s the tiniest of noses, that you could stare at all day long.

It’s the smell, of a unique being that you created.

It’s the sparkling brown eyes that look up at you with pure love.

It’s the softest skin that loves to be up against yours.

It’s the small hands that grip your finger while falling asleep.

It’s the baby that will only be your baby for so long.

It’s time we loved ourselves, for the miracles we carried and created.

It’s time we stop caring what other people think of us.

It’s time to stop wishing we lived up to society standards.

It’s time to be and let be, before it’s too late❤️

What’s your postpartum story? Head over to Instagram to join the movement and check out other people’s stories!



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