I’ll be Gone in the Dark Book Review

I first heard about I’ll be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara when I was listening to the My Favourite Murder podcast (which I totally recommend). It sounded so interesting so I went online to find out more about it. I then put it on the top of my wish list because it sounded so interesting! I ended up getting it for my birthday but I would have bought it for myself if I didn’t get it.

One thing I like about this is that there are pictures. I know that sounds lame but it adds faces to the names and some more background.


This book is about Michelle McNamara’s search for the Golden State Killer. It takes you back to the 70s when he was the East Area Rapist and how he changes and becomes a killer. She was obsessed with this cold case and would do intensive research when her family went to bed.

It is true crime, though she switched out some names for privacy. She provided some really interesting details that I hadn’t heard before. Michelle passed away before the book came out and before the killer was caught in 2018! She would have been so excited to know that. I wonder how the book would have ended if she had the chance to finish it after the killer was caught.


She was a fantastic writer and you could really see how passionate she was. She truly wanted to help law enforcement solve this case and bring the killer to justice.

I saw that she had a true crime blog that I definitely plan on checking out. I’m obsessed with true crime and find it all so frustrating and fascinating. It is interesting to see how things have changed over time and some laws have come from different cases.


Have you guys read any of her work before?



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