Introducing Baby B

Lets try this again…even though Baby B is already 4 weeks old, he still deserves an introductory post…

I know this post would have been written differently had I written it 3 weeks ago like originally planned, but having two babies is proving to be a lot more difficult than I anticipated.

So Baby Benjamin was born two days late on November 29th at 1:19pm weighing 9 pounds 4 ounces and measuring 19 inches long.

I woke up at 4am that morning with what I can assume was my bloody show, and contractions started not too long after that. They were coming regularly as long as I was walking around and moving but as soon as I laid down, they would stop and only be about 10 minutes apart. Since we had so many run-in’s with false labour, I chalked it up to that and sent both my fiancé and mom to work. I tried to ignore the contractions for the next few hours and busied myself with tending to Nora. I kept telling myself it wasn’t going to happen that day, because I wasn’t ready for it to. At around 11am I couldn’t ignore it any longer. Even though the contractions weren’t coming closer together, they were getting stronger. So then I sat on the couch and cried with my first baby, crying for her, thinking that her world was about to be turned upside down and only after that, called everyone to tell them it was time.

My mom arrived home first and I was still trying to deny that I had to go to the hospital right away. It was time for Nora’s nap so I decided that I would put her to bed for the last time being an only child. Hold her for the last time, being my only baby. To tell her how much I loved her and how sorry I was…but that’s when it hit. I got a contraction so hard it made me cry out in pain, and brought me to tears. And then I got another. Soon enough I was crying from so much pain and the contractions were coming less than 2 minutes apart. My heart broke even more for Nora, as I ruined our moment and scared her instead.

As soon as my fiancé arrived home, we knew it was time to get to the hospital ASAP. Thank god it isn’t too far away. We arrived at 12pm and by the time they checked me I was already dilated 7cm. That’s when the nurse started panicking. She said she had so much to do and not much time to do it as baby was coming soon!

The rest of my labour is still kinda blurry as it happened so fast. The next thing I remember is like 20 nurses in my delivery room, and the doctor saying if I don’t push the baby out during my next contraction, I will end up with a c-section. Baby B was sunny side up, so facing up instead of down, and he was also crooked in the birth canal. Therefore, during previous contractions the doctor was trying to flip him over and get him straight enough to come out. Since I didn’t have any time for an epidural, the pain was unbearable. My fiancé keeps telling everybody that I had a movie birth, screaming and all. Haha.

The pain was so bad, I actually debated even pushing that last time. But when you have people chanting your name and telling you you can do it, it’s kind of hard not to. With the help of the vacuum, Baby B was officially born an hour and 19 minutes after we arrived at the hospital.

Considering he was so big, and had so much trouble coming out, Baby B was placed on me for no more than 30 seconds while they wiped him clean and I didn’t see him for hours after. He was placed on a breathing machine and we couldn’t hold him.

He had to go for scans and X-rays to make sure everything was okay as he was breathing too fast. They originally saw something abnormal on one of his lungs, but later told us it was just because he moved during the scan. It was such a scary first afternoon/evening, that I can’t even believe I was traumatized after Nora’s birth…hers was a walk in the park!

By midnight that night, he was able to come in the room with us, off of all tubes and machines. They kept a close eye on him for the days that we stayed in the hospital, but I’m glad that everything turned out okay.

Now 4 weeks later, he is still the same fussy, boob monster that he was when he was born. He still feeds every 2 hours at most (yes, even over night) and even though he requires all my attention, at all times, my heart is so full. He is so cuddly, and loves to sleep on my chest. We still can’t decide if he has brown or blue eyes, and he has the tiniest little mouth.

Nora is such a good big sister too! While we were in the hospital she decided she wanted to start walking, so she barely even noticed when we brought her little brother home. Now it’s her new norm. The second she wakes up in the morning she says “bbbbbaby” and points to his swing. I am so proud of my baby girl. She is so gentle and it already shows how much she loves him.

Even though I barely have time to eat or think for that matter, I can’t wait to see my babies grow together and what the future is going to bring. Even though it’s difficult right now, as there’s always one that needs something, or more often both that need something at the same time, I know that it will just get better from here. For now, I’m soaking up the newborn cuddles, and chasing my toddler around the house is my new favorite thing to do.

So welcome mister Benjamin, you are the perfect addition to our little family.



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