December Project Pan Update

I can’t believe this year is already over! I am pretty sure I bought way more than I finished but I still need to do an inventory. My Project Pan post in January will be an inventory of all my stuff because I might get some for Christmas or I might buy myself some on boxing day! I’m going all out this time and finally making myself an excel sheet. I’m going to look back on the last inventory I did to see if I can find some numbers to add.


I didn’t finish any of my lip products but I am super close to finishing off my Benefit lip balm. I’m definitely keeping it in my bag to keep using it. I haven’t used the other lip colours as often as I would have liked but I did make a little bit of progress. I’ll keep using these in January and February. If I finish my lip balm before my next update, then I’m going to add another one to help with chapped lips.


I’m pretty happy with these empties. I would buy some of these again for sure. I’ll miss my hand cream from The Body Shop because it smelt so good and wasn’t greasy at all! It was the perfect size to keep in my bag. I will buy more hand creams from there next year but I would like to finish another cream first. I still have a few body butters to get through. Here is a list of my empties. The ones with a * beside it, are ones that I would purchase again.

Satsuma Hand Cream*

Tarte Moisturizer*

Lush Volcano 

Victoria’s secret perfume*

Cotton pads

Lush Bubbleroon*

Garnier makeup remover wipes*

Sephora cream/moisturizer

Now for this Sephora eye shadow trio in sunset. I have used this for a good part of the year. The white and pink are almost done and I have hit pan in the brown but I have decided that it is time to declutter it! I’m not enjoying it anymore and it is just a hassle now. I have another eye shadow trio from Sephora that is very similar so I won’t miss this one.


Now my favourite part – my purchases!


I got the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette because the colours are gorgeous and I am in love with The Vault collection! I chose the Glam Glow birthday gift because I’ve never really used their products. I bought three MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours and I have been loving them.

I also bought the Too faced Peach Tinsel value set, two of their Peach Kiss lipsticks (forgot one in the picture!). I also got the Boscia Luminizing  BlackMask. It feels like I bought a lot but I got everything on sale. Sephora had a few weekends of 20% off and at one point they have $25 off if you spent $75.


Do you guys have any tips or suggestions for doing an inventory?



3 thoughts on “December Project Pan Update

  1. An Excel spreadsheet is a very good idea to keep track of your inventory and purchases. I plan on creating one as well and counting up the monetary amount of what I use up versus purchase next year. I have been taking a well deserved break from my blog, but I will be back this coming week. I plan on doing an inventory series and then a year long project pan. I was going to do 20 by 2020, but why limit myself to just 20 items? This way I get some use out of some newer things in my collection, while using up older items. I will be starting off with 20 items and then keep adding things in and possibly taking others out every month to keep it fresh. Since, I am not doing school during the first half of the year, I might be posting a few times a week. I will also be moving, so looking at apartments starting in March. So far, I am only planning to do seasonal empties (with mini reviews), project pan updates, book reviews and tv reviews (if I have any), spreadsheet updates (if any), hauls, life updates, and maybe some decluttering/organizational posts. I will be doing an apartment tour as well. Wow. I just rambled away. lol. I haven’t talked on wordpress in sooooooo long.

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    1. I love the idea of like rolling over products in a project pan. You’re definitely right about why stopping at 20! I might do a 20 by 2020 and then each time I finish something add in something of a similar nature.. like finish a lotion add another lotion you know? I can’t wait to see more of your posts again! Julie and I love reading them! We’ve missed you on here!

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      1. Yes, that sounds like a good plan to keep you motivated. And some “cheats” like deluxe sized items if you feel discouraged and need some motivation. I’ve missed you guys as well! It was a really hard end of the year for me as I am going through a lot. I have so many changes this year. I plan on blogging 2x a week and maybe more after the move. I have been dating a great man as well. Things are going kinda fast between us and I think I’ve finally found someone I can spend the rest of my life with. So many changes. I will for sure be happier once I get out from under my dad’s thumb.


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