The Vault Review

This collection is everything! I ordered it on launch day and I have no regrets. I ordered the whole collection and because of that, plus it was launch day I got it cheaper. Also there are so many people that have discount codes for Morphe if you want to save even more!

I used Jaclyn Hill’s – JACATTACK since it was her collection that I got. Her original palette is so nice! I just got it since I love The Vault so much.

So The Vault consists of four palettes. You can buy they all together or individually.

You have Armed & Gorgeous, Bling Boss, Ring the Alarm, and Dark Magic. Look at these colours though! So many to choose from..

They are incredibly easy to blend and so many looks to create. The pigment is insane and the formula is amazing. I know there were inconsistencies when this was first released but Morphe took them back and sent out new ones to anyone that reported the issue.

I absolutely loved using this collection and it is basically my go to right now. I loved it so much that like I mentioned before, I went and got the original Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette when it because available at Sephora.

TheVault is still only available through Morphe and I think it might be at Ulta in the States. Getting the four palettes is so totally worth it!

Did you guys try this collection? What is your go to eyeshadow palette?



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