Sushi Palace Review

I’m a huge fan of sushi, I would eat it all the time if I could. My brother and his fiancé recently started eating it too so my boyfriend and I had them come out to Sushi Palace with us over the weekend.

There are a couple of locations but we went to the one in St. Laurent. I have been there before but something new is that now it is a bring your own wine!

I called ahead to make a reservation because it was a Saturday night and I wasn’t sure how busy it would be. I’m glad I did because there were a lot of people there! Regardless of that we had pretty quick service all night so we were really happy about that.

Another thing I love about Sushi Palace is that there is way more than just sushi. You can get dumplings, general tao, beef and broccoli, and soooo much more.

The food was all really good and we had so many different things. It is all you can eat but they do charge you if you leave food behind. I would recommend ordering some to start and you can always ask for more afterwards. I would definitely go back and I totally recommend it too. I’ve tried one of their other locations and the St. Laurent one is hands down much better.

I tried their wonton soup and their mango ice cream for the first time and they were both pretty good!

The ice cream came in a cute little bowl too!

They are open for lunch and dinner during the week and only dinner on the weekends. Their hours are on their site so I would recommend checking them if you’re interested in going. They also have takeout but it adds up fast so it’s probably better to just eat there.

What is your favourite place to eat?



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