Gabby Vachon Makeup Review

I finally got to try something I’ve never really done before! I got my makeup done by a makeup artist and I loved it. I met Gabby when we had a class together in university and we ended up having a few other ones together.

She was looking to take pictures and build her portfolio with different faces and asked if I would be interested in having my makeup done. I was totally on board and gave her free reign to do whatever she wanted.

She ended up doing a simple bronze eye with rosebud lips and it looked great! She picked out a look that she knew would be flattering on me. We chatted the whole time she worked and I actually learned a lot from her.

She is located in the Montreal area and has her own beauty room set up for clients to meet her there but she will also travel to you! I live a bit off island on the north shore and she came out my way which was great. She had her case that she loads up to travel with.

She definitely knows what she’s doing. She asked where the best natural lighting is and asked what my skin was like so she would know what needed to be done first.

If you’re interested in getting your makeup done then you should definitely check out her site and her Instagram. You can see other looks she’s done and her prices too! I’ll put the link below and her insta handle too.

Have you guys ever gotten your makeup done? What was the occasion?



Insta: gabbyvachonmakeup


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