38 weeks with Baby B

Has it really been 3 weeks since I last posted? Oops…

I guess life just gets in the way sometimes. Between all the hospital visits and Nora not sleeping…I don’t even know where the last few weeks have gone.

Like one day it was fall and I was planning on taking Nora’s fall pictures and then we woke up and it was a winter wonderland outside! And now Christmas is in a few weeks and Baby B still isn’t here!!

He keeps teasing us…contractions everyday for like the past week…oh throw in a few intense ones…calm down…start up again…oh nevermind. The anticipation is killing all of us.

I know he’ll come when he’s ready but goddamn it’s been a long two months. It’s felt more like six. I haven’t gone into panic mode yet so I hope that’s not a sign.

Speaking of signs, I feel like I’m in the first trimester of pregnancy again. 38 weeks is kicking my butt. I’m exhausted, nauseous and everything taste weird. Like thank you baby, I was enjoying my tea in the morning but not anymore!

Here’s to hoping he comes soon, if not I’m going to ask my doctor about inducing me next week. Last week he already weighed almost 8 pounds so I can’t imagine going over 40 weeks how much he will weigh.

Here’s Nora’s one fall picture I managed to take this year…

She’s been such a big girl these past few weeks. I really can’t complain. She just wants to cuddle all the time and learn all the moves to all her songs. She’s saying so many words now and expressing herself in so many different ways. Even if we’re still struggling with sleep time, I don’t mind holding her and stroking her hair all night long. I need to get used to being tired anyways right?



One thought on “38 weeks with Baby B

  1. Awe! He will be here before you know it. Dean was 40 weeks and 3 days I believe when he was born. He was 7 11, too. They had him marked down in ultrasounds as bigger than what he was or it could have been the difficult birth that caused him to lose some weight before he came out. The techs aren’t always right about the weight. It is an educated guess. Plus, I have known women who have pushed out 10 lb babies and were really tiny women. My friend Kerrlynn is 5 foot and 90 lbs. When she was pregnant, she gained 60 lbs and had a 10 lb baby NATURALLY. I am still amazed by her. She lost all that baby weight now and is a body builder.


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