My 4 New Self Care Steps

This post isn’t really a review but more of a list instead. These are four things I have started or will be starting in my life. I sat down and really reflected on my life and decided there are some things I need to change. I think these will help me with my goals. I plan on doing another post in the future about goals but for now I will stick with some self-care.

I don’t take care of myself as well as I should. I know I need to start making changes and this is where I will start!


1.    Take a relaxing bath

I love taking bubble baths. I always have and I probably always will. I’ve really gotten into using Lush products in the bath, I love their bath bombs and their bubble bars. I know realistically no one wants to spend like $5 for each bath bomb and it lasts like one bath. That can get really expensive, really quickly. That is why I’ve started using bubble bars instead. You can get one and use very little at a time and it lasts way longer that way. You can also stick with the typical bubble bath/shower gel instead. I like to light some candles and just spend the time listening to music or reading a book. It provides me with some much needed down time.


2.    Scheduling time to worry

I know this sounds weird but it also makes sense to me. I could spend all day worrying about everything. I could just keep spiralling out of control with overthinking. I need to get it together and not stress about every little thing in my life. I’m going to attempt to schedule my worrying. For 30 minutes twice a week, I’ll let myself sit and worry. I’ll sort through my thoughts, one issue at a time  in hopes that I won’t stress as much the rest of the time. I’m hoping this one will work and that I won’t need more time for this. I’m trying not to stress so much about the things I can’t control.


3.    Early to bed

I already go to bed pretty early as I start work really early in the morning but sometimes I’m just so tired! Once a week or so I want to start heading to bed 30-60 minutes earlier to catch up on sleep. Especially when I’m having a super busy week! I’m thinking naps on the weekend would be a good idea too!

4.    To do list

I love making lists, I make lists for everything! I have a tendency to make an extremely long to do list and then I get overwhelmed so I don’t want to do anything. I need to start prioritizing and making a small list for each day. This way I can manage my time better without stressing. I have a few lists on my phone too that I plan to go through and reorganize.

What is your go to for self care? How does it help you?




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