Maracuja Oil Review

I’ve seriously been loving all of the skin care stuff from Tarte, including this Maracuja oil! It has saved my nails.

I have the small version which holds .5oz (15ML). You can get this from Sephora for $19 CAD. Otherwise you can get the bigger one with 1.7oz (50ML) for $60 CAD.

I absolutely love getting my nails done but I hate how fragile and messed up they become once that gel is removed. They are flakey, thin, and break like nothing. I had this oil so I figured I’d give it a go.

While there was no way it could help with them being thin, it helped with the flakey aspect. It also really helped the skin around my nails too.

I know it is oil and that made me nervous to use this on my skin because I didn’t want to look all greasy. I tested it out on my hand first just in case and it is not as greasy as I thought it would be! It also smells pretty good.. kind of a nutty smell.

I might buy this again in the future but I know this little bottle is going to last a while for sure!

Have you tried this oil? What do you use it for?



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