Scarlet Exclusive Review

Earlier this month we were invited to a launch party at Scarlet Exclusive. Since Julie is still on bed rest, I had my boyfriend come with me. I met up with him after work and we headed to the Old Port. We were early so we decided to have dinner in their bar section first then head to the party held in the garden terrace.

I had never heard of this place, I’ve been to various places in the Old Port before as it is a great place to be in the summer but this was our first time at this place. I walked right past it and my boyfriend was the one that spotted it. I walked in and I thought it was a pretty cool looking place.

My boyfriend had the beef and I had the mixed green salad. Both dishes were alright but they were pretty pricey.

When you walk in you enter the bar area. They had mirrors hanging at odd angles on the walls  and a couple of tables set up. There was the bar too of course! Through a door way and straight brought you to the dining area. We didn’t really go in there. Instead we headed left towards the kitchen, bathrooms and the garden. The hall split up again to lead to those three places.


We went out to the garden and it was even better! They had it all closed in with heat lamps so we would be comfortable. I don’t know the usual set up since this was an event but I thought it was really nice. They had tables running down the middle and tables with benches on one side that ran against two walls. There were all kind of throw pillows scattered on the benches. The music was going and the lighting was just right. Apparently you can book the garden for all kinds of parties. I’m glad we got to try something new!


We probably won’t be eating there again but I would go there to hang out on the garden terrace though!

Any Montreal places you recommend?




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