October 2 month Project Pan

I didn’t finish much these last two months as my skin was acting up so I didn’t really want to use much in the way of makeup. I made some progress on the stuff in my current project and well.. I bought some stuff too. I couldn’t help it!! There was a sale! Not only was this Too Faced on sale, I also got an additional 20% off because of the Sephora Rouge sale so you know… it was obviously meant to be!

Last update I mentioned that I bought The Vault when it launched so here it is! It’s so beautiful, the colours are amazing, and the quality is insane. I will definitely do I review on it and include some looks I do with the four different palettes. I have zero regrets with this purchase!

So here are my lame empties for the last month. I figure it is better than nothing but I really need to step it up before the year is over! I keep buying stuff and I am not finishing enough. There are soooo many products that I barely use. To be honest I have some products that I have yet to touch at all! I need to change that.

Oh how I love my lip products! I’ve made some decent progress but it is time to break out the Fall colours! I’ll keep using the lip balm because I know I will need it but the Marc Jacobs lipstick will be left alone until spring. I have a whole lot of lip products in Fall colours and believe it or not i managed to narrow it down 7 (including the lip balm).

Here is how big the lipsticks are. I couldn’t measure the lip liner because once you twist it out it doesn’t go back in. It is new though as I have never used it. Aubergine and Rose Profond were in my older projects but i’ve brought them back into this one since the colours are perfect for Fall.

I really need to push on this eye shadow trio though! I rarely use it anymore so I’m going to set a goal of using it at least four days a week. If I do that for the next month then I should see some decent progress on my next update. The two lighter colours have a lot of progress on them and I really hope to finish them this year. I might depot the shadow when the lighter ones are done in order to keep using the brown with other colours. Unless there is barely any brown left, then it will just be more effort than it is worth. I know I have other brown shadows already so it won’t be a big deal to get rid of this one.

Since I finished my mascara, I’ve replaced it with another deluxe sample sized one. This time it is my holy grail, Smashbox Full Exposure one! I’ll post another update in December and I already know I will have new products since it is my birthday in November! My empties should contain perfume and my lip balm though. Here’s hoping for lots of empties next time!

How are your project pans going?



3 thoughts on “October 2 month Project Pan

    1. The one in the haul? This is the White Peach one but they also have a Sweet Peach one too! This one smells really good but I wonder if the scent lasts.. I’ve only used a couple of colours and so far so good.. I’ll definitely post a review about it with more info though 💕

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