DIY Cake Smash

I’ve been looking forward to this day for MONTHS. I have spent countless hours on Pinterest looking at other cake smash photo shoots so when we decided that I was going to do them myself instead of paying the $200+ to get them done, I had high expectations.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances with Baby B, it wasn’t as DIY as I had originally planned. Instead of making the decorations myself, I made a list and my wonderful mother went on a goose hunt to find exactly what I had in mind.

However, we did the layout ourselves and I made the cake. The layout came out how I wanted it to but the cake was a big, huge flop. I blame my lack of planning for this one as I kept going back and forth to what I wanted. At first I wanted a rosette cake but then I saw how easy it was to do it in a pumpkin shape. So I attempted to do both. And then ran out of icing. So attempted to make my own which didn’t work out either….

For my made-up recipe I used two simple boxed cakes with a 12-cup fluted tube cake pan. Made the two cakes and then used the icing to put them one on top of the other.

I started doing rosettes with a tip that was too small, but of course I couldn’t find a bigger one so I figured I would just do more of them. I got about half way and that’s when I ran out of icing. Since I was pressed for time, I tried to find the easiest icing recipe that used icing sugar in it. I thought it was okay so I started doing more rosettes near the ones I had already done. Apparently the icing I made wasn’t thick enough however so it started to run down the side of the cake. I gave up and decided to just cover the top in all icing.

It looked horrible! But ya know what, the purpose of the cake was literally for my daughter to smash. And make a mess of. So what’s the difference if it started out a mess right?

For the backdrop of the photo shoot we used dollar store table clothes, one on the wall and two on the floor. That way once we were done we just had to scoop everything up and throw it in the garbage. I didn’t want it to be too crazy so we kept it simple with minimal decorations.

We even ended up just using one balloon. Since it was rainy and cloudy that morning (obviously,) we took lamps from other parts of the house to try and get more lightening. It made us feel like little professionals!

Thanks to my mother and sister the actual photo shoot went even better than I had imagined! My sister is studying graphic design so she took the photos and is currently in the process of editing them. My mom was super in singing and getting Nora to look where we wanted her to, whereas I got in there and changed her position and whatnot.

What I loved about doing this photo shoot ourselves was that I had complete control. I liked deciding what pictures we took when. And seeing my “vision” come to life was such an unreal feeling! I can’t thank my mom and sister enough!

Since we just did the shoot yesterday, the pictures aren’t quite ready yet but my sister sent me this sneak peek and I have all the heart eyes!

Did anyone else do or get cake smash photos done?



2 thoughts on “DIY Cake Smash

  1. My smash cake was small and I took them when Dean was in his high chair. LOL. So, not professional like yours by any means, but I still wanted those 1 year old memories.Plus, he started walking and once he started, he hasn’t stopped unless in a high chair. Lovely photos! I am sure they will look as professional as if you spent the $200 +.

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