Kiss Ever Ez Lash Review

I love false lashes and how they can bring a look together so easily! I found this pack of five Kiss lashes at Walmart and they were pretty cheap! These have become my go to lashes. They are so pretty but they aren’t overly huge so I can wear them pretty much anywhere. They areContinue reading “Kiss Ever Ez Lash Review”

Scarlet Exclusive Review

Earlier this month we were invited to a launch party at Scarlet Exclusive. Since Julie is still on bed rest, I had my boyfriend come with me. I met up with him after work and we headed to the Old Port. We were early so we decided to have dinner in their bar section firstContinue reading “Scarlet Exclusive Review”

A Letter to my Daughter on her First Birthday

Where have the last 12 months gone? I can’t believe I spent the last 365 days watching your every move. Literally. I didn’t want to miss a thing. I still remember your first breath like it happened 5 minutes ago. The anticipation as we waited for your first cry. The first time you latched onContinue reading “A Letter to my Daughter on her First Birthday”

Volcano Foot Mask

I’ve never really been one to do a foot mask but I figured I would give this one a go. The sales woman raved about it and the reviews on the Lush site were really good! It has a 4.5 star rating. The first thing I noticed about this is the smell. IT is sortContinue reading “Volcano Foot Mask”

October 2 month Project Pan

I didn’t finish much these last two months as my skin was acting up so I didn’t really want to use much in the way of makeup. I made some progress on the stuff in my current project and well.. I bought some stuff too. I couldn’t help it!! There was a sale! Not onlyContinue reading “October 2 month Project Pan”


I had so many plans for this weeks blog post. I wanted to either finish Nora’s birth story and finally get it posted, I wanted to write a “Letter to my Daughter on her First Birthday,” or something else special to symbolize the day. But of course I had the busiest week like ever. AContinue reading “Overwhelmed”

Marc Jacobs Highliner Crayon Review

I used to wear eyeliner every single day. I was all for the black liner in high school, I lived for it. For whatever reason I kind of just stopped wearing eyeliner altogether. A couple of weeks ago I was looking for something in my makeup drawer when I can across this Marc Jacobs linerContinue reading “Marc Jacobs Highliner Crayon Review”

DIY Cake Smash

I’ve been looking forward to this day for MONTHS. I have spent countless hours on Pinterest looking at other cake smash photo shoots so when we decided that I was going to do them myself instead of paying the $200+ to get them done, I had high expectations. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances with BabyContinue reading “DIY Cake Smash”

Going into preterm labour pt 2

The ambulance ride to the other hospital was the worst. I really think they should invest in some new shocks. It was so bumpy, that I felt like I was flailing everywhere and the contractions were getting worse and worse. All I wanted was to curl up in a ball to stop the pain butContinue reading “Going into preterm labour pt 2”

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Another rainy day in Montreal today and instead of working out I decided to take a bath and get into my pyjamas! I’ve been feeling really down and out lately so I figured some time alone with my thoughts and a nice hot pretty bath might make me feel better. I’ve had this Intergalactic bathContinue reading “Intergalactic Bath Bomb”