Crescendo Restaurant Review

Favourite meal of the day? Breakfast! I even like having breakfast for dinner to be honest. Today I went to Crescedos, an Italian Eatery in Verdun with my boyfriend and family.

The first great thing about this restaurant is it’s location! It’s right on the water so the views are amazing. Located on Lasalle Boulevard you can see some of the docs on the St. Lawrence. There is a terrace and thankfully it is all heated!

We’ve gone to breakfast there a whole bunch of times and it is always good! They are open for lunch and dinner too but we always do breakfast. Their service is great and all the staff I’ve interacted with are very friendly.

My go to order is usual the Western omelette with potatoes! It’s soooo good! Stuffed with cheese, ham, and a bunch of veggies.

My boyfriend had French toast and fruit today and it looked so good! I might have to try that one next time but with a side of potatoes because there is no way I am going for breakfast and not getting breakfast potatoes! They’re my favourite thing. Featuring some baby toys from our nephew!

If you’re in the area and looking for great food and even better views, check out Crescendos! The prices are good too. It’s nice inside with a fireplace in one area. They also have a glass case of desserts when you walk in that look so good.

What is your favourite thing to have for breakfast?



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