30 weeks with Baby B

Yay!!! We hit 30 weeks!! Baby B is giving us a run for our money and each day, each hour longer he stays in, we are thankful for.

Last Thursday, September 13th, at 29+2 weeks, I went into preterm labour.

I woke up that morning feeling weird and off. Throughout the day I had what I thought was Braxton Hicks, as they came and went and were not very intense. Baby B was being his active self and I tried to push that weird feeling aside and get on with my day. As the late afternoon came however, the contractions started becoming more regular. I tried everything I knew was supposed to stop Braxton Hicks. I drank water, peed, took a shower, and then a bath, and laid on my left side. I started counting down the minutes until my fiancé got home. And then also counting contractions.

Supper came and went and surprise, surprise my fiancé had a hockey game that he absolutely couldn’t miss. He was confident that if I needed to go to the hospital, Baby B would wait until after his game just like his sister did. At this point I was in denial that I was even having contractions because I so wasn’t prepared!

At around 9 o’clock as I hoped into bed for the night, as I laid on my left side once again, the pain started. The contractions started coming every 2 minutes and man did they hurt! That’s when I knew we had no choice but to go to the hospital to see what was going on.

I paced the house for the next hour and a half even though now when I think back I should have been doing a million other things.

When we got to the hospital and I explained what was happening, they immediately brought me into a room and hooked me up. They put an IV in my arm and got me on the monitor to watch my contractions. After the thousands of questions they always ask, and the many samples they take to do tests, they decided to check if I was dilated. As the doctor was down there, she started talking and seemed to get nervous. She explained that since I was in fact having regular contractions, and was dilated at 1cm and 40%, there was a chance that this baby was coming soon.

That is when my evening gets a little fuzzy. She explained to us that the local hospital I was at didn’t have the equipment to properly deliver and take care of a premature baby. That I was to be transferred to another hospital. As she’s telling us this, 5 or 6 more nurses come into the room and started sticking needles in me, taking my blood pressure and asking more questions. At this point I can see my fiancé’s face and he is clearly freaking the f out.

They then send us a paediatrician to explain to us from A to Z about premature babies and what the risks are, how the delivery would go, etc. I don’t remember much from that conversation just that if we have this baby tonight, he’s going to be okay.

….to be continued….

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