Lavender Salt Hand & Body Scrub Review

I am all for small shops and this one is a favourite! I’ve been using this lavender salt scrub mostly on my hands lately. My boyfriend and I are building a fence for our backyard… okay my boyfriend is building it and I’m helping where I can (lol). Anyways! The dirt and raking and all that fun stuff is taking a bit of a tole on my hands.

This scrub has them feeling so much better! I use a little in my hands and then sometimes put lotion on afterwards. You don’t need a lot so my little container will last a while.

I’ll probably start using it on my feet next. It smells SO GOOD! The scent lasts on your hands for a bit after using it. It fells so nice too. It is made of all natural products and the shop owner is just so kind! She answered all the questions I sent her and I really appreciated it.

I checked out her shop again and she now has a lavender lemonade scrub and I think I might just have to buy it! If you guys are curious and want to support a small shop I highly recommend Simply Natural by Michelle. I’ll link her site down below for you!

Do you guys have any scrubs that you recommend? I’m kind of becoming addicted.



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