Eiffel Tower tour in Las Vegas review

Facebook recently reminded me of the girls trip we took two years ago to Las Vegas. I put together a montage of the pictures we took and some videos too. It turned out pretty great if I don’t say so myself! It was so nice to look back on the great trip we had! One of the things that was included in the video was a tour we did of the Eiffel Tower. I thought it would be nice to do a little review on it because in my opinion it is a must-see.

The tour of the Eiffel Tour is located on the Las Vegas strip, in the Paris hotel. It’s hard to miss as it towers 46 stories up. This makes it half the size of the real Tower.

The tour starts off in a glass elevator to get to the top which is already pretty freaking neat! Once at the top, there’s a 360 degree viewing deck and a guide to tell you all the interesting facts. I can’t even tell you how long we spent up there. The views were breathtaking and the facts were ones we hadn’t heard of before. That, and we really like taking selfies.

I think what I found the most interesting being up there was being able to see the infamous Las Vegas Strip as a whole and the mountains behind it. It gave Las Vegas a whole new look for us.

It really put into perspective the size of the buildings and how beautiful it really is! Next time however, I would love to go back when it was dark out to see the Strip lit up. I can’t even imagine how gorgeous that must be!

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas this tour is definitely on my must-see list. It’s unlike any other activity out there and I will for sure be going again if I ever get back out there!

This picture looks like it was like 10 years ago but damn I miss that long hair! It’s crazy how much things change in two short years. I’m so grateful to say I got to do this girls trip though when we had the chance.

Have you done this tour before?



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