Third trimester with Baby B

The third trimester…already!! How did this happen? 27 weeks doesn’t seem too bad but when you say third trimester or 13 weeks left to go…cue panic.

I am SO not prepared for mister Baby B. I can’t find newborn or 0-3 pjs ANYWHERE and I’m just missing all kinds of stuff. I know some things I can reuse of Nora’s like her receiving blankets and so on even if they are a little girly but I would like him to have some of his own stuff.

Besides being tired, I think I am feeling pretty great! I reread my blog posts from this stage with Nora and man was I mess lol. Thank god I am not feeling like that this time around! My emotions are pretty much in check, food is great, even the aches and pains aren’t so bad. I’m kinda dreading the next few weeks because I know it will get much harder.

I may be crazy but Nora is already gravitating more towards her Daddy. When he’s around, he’s all she wants. Its the cutest thing and it makes my heart swell. I didn’t think seeing my daughter in love with someone so much would make me so happy! I know this will be a good thing once the new baby comes along. But keeping our mother-daughter relationship as close as I can is going to be one of my priorities once Baby B comes along. I know everyone has the fear of how to love two children as much as the other, but I’d be okay with loving Nora a little more until we really get to know the new baby.

So far the things I remember reading/seeing about how to keep the relationship steady with the oldest child are:

1. When they’re both crying, go to the older one first.

Obviously this depends on the situation but the baby won’t know that you didn’t tend to it first whereas your toddler definitely will.

2. Baby-wear

I was already planning to do this lots as Nora lived in a baby carrier for the first couple months of her life but being hands-free as much as possible makes so much sense! I’m also planning on attempting to breast feed in a wrap as well. This way if Nora needs me, I can be there for her as much as I can.

3. Have low expectations

I think this one is really important. I think it’s important in regards to our daily routine. We all have to realize that it will take time for everyone to get into a routine and that I won’t be able to keep the house as tidy as we’d like or that I won’t always have supper ready on the table for when everyone gets home.

I also think that we have to maintain low expectations where Nora is concerned. We can’t expect her to all of a sudden grow up into a big girl. We have to realize that her world is going to be turned upside down and we have to be there for her as much as we can! If that means holding her a little longer, giving her an extra cookie or whatever it may be.

I’m looking so forward to my baby girl becoming a big sister and reading about experiences from other mamas helps me feel a little bit more prepared for the whirlwind we’re about to endure.

Any tips on having two under two? What made your experience go that much smoother?



One thought on “Third trimester with Baby B

  1. Adorable! I love her sitting on your bump! She’s so tiny! Ahhhhh!!!!! I love it!!! All I have to say from having a best friend with 3 kids: 4, 2, and 4 months. HE TOUCHED ME! lol. The 2 year old always yells Austin touched me! and gets mad when the baby touches him. Kids are crazy resilient. I am sure she will do fine and be adorably yelling at her younger brother as soon as she can. Enjoy both of your children. Give them equal amounts of time. Give Nora jobs to do to help you when the baby arrives (up to her skill level) like clapping when the baby smiles or giving kisses to the baby. Make her feel like the important big sister that she is.


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