Rose Jam Bubbleroon

With fall approaching I’ve been working my way through some of my Lush products. Basically so I can just stock up on more but that is fine with me! I’ve been using this Rose Jam Bubbleroon lately. From what I understand you’re supposed to twist in two and crumble it under the running water.

I do separate it but I also break it down to last me for a while. This thing makes some serious bubbles!! I put the pieces in a sieve because otherwise I notice that some of the really small pieces just end up floating around. I don’t use a huge amount, and I also toss in some bath salts to go with it.


This product smells fantastic! Obviously a bonus, it has a strong scent but it isn’t overly perfumey. If you like the scent of this then you will be happy to know that they also have a Rose Jam shower gel! This Bubbleroon does change the colour of the bath water, of course the more you use the stronger the colour. I’ve taken a few baths with this so far and still have enough for a few more so I would say it is definitely worth the money.


The price of this is $8.95 CAD for 130 grams and you can buy it at Lush obviously. You can also order it from their site but I think it might melt if left out on your doorstep… Their site also has a list of ingredients and more information if you’re interested. They also have stores all over the place so if you aren’t in Canada like I am then no worries. Their products are cruelty free but this one in specific is also vegan and does not contain any synthetic preservatives.


What is your go to Lush product? 



7 thoughts on “Rose Jam Bubbleroon

      1. I know! I love their face masks so much. I am phasing out of their bath products, just because I’m not as much as a bath person as I used to be. I don’t have as much time since having a kid. I want to try more of their skin care and their makeup. I like some of the shower gels, but I’m not a hard soap kind of girl. Their message bars are amazing though!


      2. I haven’t tried their massage bars yet but I have one! Lol I love their hair mask Roots! Totally recommend that one. I’ve only tried one face mask so far but I liked it! Which would you recommend?

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      3. I love Roots too! I just finished my pot earlier this year. I think I might have 5 black pots to get a fresh face mask. Or I am one pot away from it. I need to repurchase Roots. I love the Ocean Salt scrub on my face and I will apply it as a mask (great from when I have acne) and wash/lightly scrub away. I also loved the Coffee Mask, another exfoliating one, but it smelled SO GOOD! I haven’t tried a mask that I didn’t like, but I got a sample of the mask of magimenty and it was overhyped. It is the same as the Queen Helene green mask that you can get at Walmart for cheaper. Lush has more natural ingredients though. Which massage bar do you have? I have the edible white chocolate one. I’ve had it for like 3 years and it is still going strong. I need to use it up this year before it goes bad.


      4. I finished my Roots pot this year too and already replaced it lol. Ohh I have the Coffee Mask too! Ive only used it once so far but I liked it. I don’t know what my massage bar is called but it is a little strawberry! I need to start using it ASAP cause I keep forgetting about it! I should try some samples of other masks next time I go.. I have super sensitive skin so I don’t want to buy a new one that I react to. I’ll have to check out that Walmart one too.. I used to have a tube of a mask from there but I’m blanking on which on it was.

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      5. I always forget to use my massage bar. I plan on using it on my pregnancy stretch marks after I use up the last little bit of my Bio-oil. I would repurchase the message bar, because it lasts longer, better ingredients, and I think it penetrates the skin better. I am in love with the Freeman masks, when you need something cheap to do the job. Not sure if they are CF though. I plan on buying $100 worth (with shipping and taxes more like $85) worth of Lush products from the UK during unboxing day, which is Dean’s birthday. It is cheaper than the US site, even with the conversion. I think a 3% fee is added to my conversion from my credit card, but that’s like 3 bucks. Totally worth it, because last time I bought $200 worth of product for that price. Not sure about Canada, but worth it for us Americans.


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