Munchkin Weighted Straw Cup review

Yes, yes I joined the bandwagon and bought the sippy cup that EVERY child seems to have. I was too curious what the hype was all about.

Nora hasn’t seemed to have an issue with any of the cups we have bought so far, but I like to change it up sometimes. I can’t even tell you which one is her favorite as she dives for the cup and drinks water like she’s been in the desert for the past week, every single time.

We’ve had the Weighted Straw Cup I would say for about a month now and I’m still not sure whether I like it or not. Don’t get me wrong, Nora loves it! But because it’s easy and that’s where I’m conflicted.

I love the fact that when she’s using the 360 cup, it’s as if she’s learning how to use a real cup. Or with her other straw cup, she knows she has to keep it down or she won’t get anything. So I feel as if the weighted straw isn’t “teaching” her anything because she can drink from it no matter how she holds it. I may be over-thinking things over here but that’s how I’m feeling for the moment. The way she sticks her tongue out when she drinks from it is the cutest thing though!

On another note, I’m a horrible mother because I missed Nora’s 10 months this week😭. We had such an insanely busy week, I only realized at the end of the day and still haven’t had the chance to take any pictures. I’m going to try this weekend but I’m not very hopeful as it’s going to be very busy too!

At 10 months miss Nora Grace has 6 and 1/2 teeth (4 on the top and 2 1/2 on the bottom,) has said dada appropriately once, says “up”, what sounds like “hey” and “yeeeaahhhh.” She now does “bravo” and claps her hands, has started waving and giving high fives. She does a “cheese” face when prompt to, which consists of her scrunching up her little nose and attempting to smile and it’s one of my favourite things ever! We not only started crawling this month but we have now started to pull up on things and walk along them! So many new and exciting things!

We spend the days exploring the house and putting everything we can possible in our mouth. Nora has grown a huge dislike to the word “no.” I don’t even have to raise my voice and she yells and gets upset. Her temper is definitely getting worse but we are starting to better understand consequences. When she stops doing what I tell her not to do, she sits there and claps. It’s the cutest thing! I’m starting to love this age the more she starts to understand and grow into an actual tiny, little human.

(Her “cheese” faces make her look angry lol)

What age is your favorite?



6 thoughts on “Munchkin Weighted Straw Cup review

  1. LOL. She is adorable! The weighted straw cup was great for Dean, because he couldn’t figure out how to drink from any of the other sippy cups out there. Now that he has had some practice for 6 months with it, I have switched him to the NUK Forever Straw Cup and he drinks out of it like a pro. He has to remember to hold it down which can get him mad sometimes, but he gets over it quick. I would say, don’t get anymore of the primed straws. Dean has two 360 cups and still cannot figure it out, plus two Paw Patrol hard top sippy cups as well. The NUK Forever doesn’t leak, so I love it and it tucks the straw away, so it doesn’t get dirty. I really love this one. I have it in pink and in blue/green. Pink is for milk and blue is for water. I realized that he doesn’t even really enjoy milk. He loves water like Nora, he’s coming back from the desert. He drinks 1 20z bottle of water a day. He’s crazy! He weighs 27.8 lbs. Just went to the doctor recently. He has an eye infection around his eye (not his actual eye). It started out as a bruise that got infected like his black/purple bruise disappeared in two days followed by nasty redness and a welt. I thought it was poison ivy or something especially when it started oozing. Nope, it’s an infection. His eye is all puffy and he has a follow up to see his doctor on Tuesday. Hopefully, it gets better with the antibiotic ointment. He’s in the 10 or 13 percentile for weight. He’s such a small boy, but he is so tall and skinny now. His baby fat is mostly in his cheeks. He might have lost a couple of pounds due to the growth spurt. How is baby B? How are you feeling?

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    1. Thank you! And I’m glad it worked well for him. What kind of milk are you giving him? Aww poor baby! I hope he feels better soon! Lemme know how it goes at the follow up appt. Is it looking better at least? That’s so tiny lol Nora already weighs 21 pounds but she’s in the 50th percentile.

      Baby B is good thank you! He doesn’t stop moving, like ever. It’s the weirdest feeling cause Nora barely moved lol. I’m very tired, like super tired but I just found out today that I’m anemic so it makes sense! Getting on some pills soon and hopefully that helps

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      1. I am giving him Whole Milk. Turns out, he is sick with something. First they thought pink eye, then they thought chicken pox, now they think he has an under the skin infection. I will be picking up the script for antibiotics soon and a probiotic for the diarrhea that the meds have caused. The doctor will call Monday (On a holiday!) and if his face rash, swelling, pustules, and black and blue, isn’t better, he will have a CT scan of his head and full blood work. Basically, his face is rashy near one eye and it continues to spread down his face with pustules which is why they thought chicken pox. His eye will get black and blue and go away, which is why now they think he has an infection under the skin near his eye. It looks worse, but the Clartin is working on the puffy face. He was unrecognizeable before. The swelling gets better and worse. Overall, it is worse rather than better. Hoping the antibiotics will work, but if it doesn’t I will not be ignored. He needs help.

        She’s only a few lbs behind him. lol. He eats a ton though and runs it all off. He has as much bread as he wants. He lives off of bread. I think boys take it out of you more than girls. I was anemic too and I ate a lot of Kale. I had Kale chips and dip. I was obsessed with Kale and peanut butter when I was pregnant.

        When is baby B due again? Is it near the Holidays?

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      2. That’s so strange! The fact that it is coming and going…I hope they can figure it out soon! Is he acting okay though? Like it’s not bothering him?

        Ahhh you’re so lucky to have craved something so healthy! All I want is sweets lol. And yes he is due November 27th🙂

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      3. Thanksgiving baby! So exciting!!!!

        It is strange. I’m hoping the antibiotics work and it isn’t something more serious. I hate waiting though. I just want him to be better. He’s never been sick enough before to need antibiotics.

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