2 Months in 1 Project Pan

I decided not to post a project pan update in July because I didn’t finish anything and didn’t buy anything either. We had a huge heat wave and wearing makeup was not on my mind! So this will be a two months progress report I guess.

I did make a purchase as it has been a while. I hit Sephora for another Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Double Dare and I repurchased Origins mask. Luckily for me, when I went they were giving free Sephora masks so now I get to try that out! I also hit Lush for another Roots hair treatment as mine is officially empty.

I am keeping the tub for the empty hair mask because Lush recycles them! When you bring 5 empty ones in, you get a face mask which is pretty awesome. I also finally finished the Fig side of my Bite lipstick. I don’t plan on keeping the Rose Gold side as it just isn’t working for me. It is basically just gold glitter and I can’t wear that very often! So half is done and the other half is being decluttered. Another empty is my Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer. I won’t be buying a new one for a while as I still have a few from their semi-annual sale.

I finished my Lush body wash and I know I won’t be buying that one again. I do have other body washes to use first but I also found this scent too much for me. It is sickly sweet when you first use it.

Now these ones are not empty but I have made some progress on them! I made some progress on the Benefit lip balm and on the Marc Jacobs lipstick. I know I’ve made a little progress on the hand cream and I think the lip gloss because I’ve used them multiple times.

You can sort of see that the hand cream is a little flatter but I don’t see much progress on the lip gloss.

All in all I’m pretty pleased to move these products out of my collection! Because I maaaaay or may not have ordered The Vault from Morphe! Oops! There will definitely be pictures of it in the next Project Pan post.

How long do you guys use mascara for? I’m using one that I haven’t finished yet but I feel like I’ve been using it for forever!



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