5 things to do differently next time I go camping with a baby

Gah it’s been a long week. I’m not sure if I’m still overtired from camping last weekend and from Nora being sick or what but omg. Not only is miss Nora Grace super hyper and crawling all over the house but Mr Baby B is sitting so uncomfortably it’s giving me horrible back and tail bone pain. So here I am trying to keep Nora out of things and chasing after her all day with back pain so bad I’m having trouble sitting. Nothing’s getting done and I feel like such a mess. Buuut it’s all good!

I think we can start the countdown to Baby B soon…15 weeks left! What?! I know!! It’s crazy and they’re both already driving me crazy haha. Baby B never stops rolling around in my tummy and if Nora isn’t crawling on the floor, she’s crawling all over me. I don’t know how I will survive.

Speaking of the camping trip that potentially has me feeling like this…I was all prepared to rant and complain about it but then I realized there’s too many people I know that read this. Or could read it. So I decided to take on a new perspective and instead of thinking about what other people could have done differently, what could I have done differently?

Now don’t get me wrong, we had a great trip and it was lots of fun! I love spending time with my fiancé family, I just left after feeling defeated and lonely. So here’s what I’ll try and do next time:

1. Lower expectations

Why in the world did I actually think I would get to relax?! That was my own dumb. No matter what people tell you, if the baby’s there, there’s no relaxing.

2. Make your own fun

There were many times that I was left alone over the course of the weekend. Whether it be because I just wasn’t invited, something Nora couldn’t do, or something I couldn’t do because I am pregnant, I didn’t expect it. Next time instead of dwelling on the “whys” and sulking, I will find things to do on my own. I’m alone all the time, I know how to entertain myself! (And Nora of course)

3. Ignore people’s comments

Now this is a biggie. And much easier said than done. But I need to try. My fiancé made one too many comments about myself or the baby that weekend, things like “I have better things to do” instead of rocking our daughter to sleep, etc. that bothered me. I realize he was at points trying to be funny, and I also realize now that he was trying to enjoy his weekend too. I need to realize that not everyone’s first priority and 100% thoughts are on Nora like mine are…and that well, they’re just camping and there happens to be a baby there.

4. Ask for help

Is it just me or do people offer to help at all the wrong times? Or should I say easy times? Like I genuinely do not want your help right now and they still try? But when you actually need the help, oh look at that. No ones offering. Well, next time, I am going to ask people to help me. They can’t really say no so #sorrynotsorry. I don’t like the feeling of being overwhelmed so I think voicing my concerns will help that.

I had a 5th thing but I can’t remember it right now…seriously my mom brain/pregnancy brain is in full force these days…

How do you guys overcome the feeling of being outcasted because you have kids? Like I get it but at the same time…I try to put myself in other peoples shoes to see how I would act differently but I love babies so it’s hard. Should I be expecting people to stick to our schedule? And do things the way we do it? Should I be more adapting? I guess we shall see the next time we get faced with something like this!



4 thoughts on “5 things to do differently next time I go camping with a baby

  1. #bathtubgoals There are a few things that other people should adapt to you if you are going together as a group like being respectful of nap and bedtimes, meaning they have to be quiet and not overly loud. Unless, they want to deal with the cranky baby the rest of the day, it is only fair. Your husband should also take turns with you on taking care of Nora. You are there to relax too, not just him. Nora should be his 100% priority too. She’s his child. You need to speak up when his “jokes” are actually hurtful. Keeping inside will only make you feel resentment. If everyone if going to leave you all alone with Nora, ask someone to stay behind to keep you company or go with them if you can and just watch. You can still feel part of the group. Or ask them to do the things that you can’t do during nap time or after Nora’s bed time. You’ll get the quiet Nora needs and you won’t feel left out as much. I hope you find my suggestions helpful. I’m super excited for Baby B!


    1. I always tell people I bought this house just for the bathtub haha🙈 thank you for your suggestions, it’s just so hard to speak up sometimes and I want people to WANT to spend time with us not only because I’m asking kinda thing.

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      1. They must be crazy! I would have hung out with you and your baby. I would have been so annoying asking to touch your tummy every time you said the baby moved and pampering you. Do you spend a lot of time with them? Maybe they didn’t know if you wanted their company. IDK I don’t have the best luck with family. I just have my dad’s support that’s it.


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