The Body Shop Satsuma Hand Cream Review

I’ve slowly been trying more and more products from The Body Shop. The first products I tried from their store were actually one of the first gifts given to me from my boyfriend and now this hand cream was actually from him too!

He got this hand cream for me as part of my last birthday gift along with a bunch of other spa/beauty products. Anyways, he picked out the Satsuma scent and it smells amazing! I had no idea what Satsuma was so of course I looked it up. It’s basically like a tangerine from what I can tell.

The size of this tube is perfect. I keep it in my makeup bag in my purse so I can use it throughout the day. I’m usually hesitant with hand creams because I hate having greasy hands. I need lotion that actually rubs in and doesn’t leave a gross residue. Luckily I have had no issues with this one! It rubs in so well and leaves my hands so soft.

I have a couple of body butters left from The Body Shop and I have multiple lotions at home but I’m seriously going to buy this again when I run out! I suppose I should try to finish another lotion before buying another hand cream but I will be buying at least one more of these before the year is out. Maybe even different scents…

Does anyone else somehow end up having multiple lotions just sitting around? I swear I don’t even buy that many!



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