9 month update

Quick post and update tonight as we’ve been very busy and I already forgot to post last night…

Nora’s daddy has been on vacation these last two weeks and I never want them to end! We’ve done so much, and I could watch the two of them interact all day long. We started this habit of bringing her in bed with us when she wakes up after her morning nap and it’s seriously my favorite thing in the whole wide world. She loves crawling all over us and giving us kisses, and everything we do makes her laugh. She started to crinkle her nose when she smiles and it melts my heart.

I’ve been so wrapped up on making memories and being as present as possible that I haven’t thought of taking out my phone to take many pictures. This makes me feel conflicted because I want to remember these moments forever! She’s so cute with her 5 little teeth (yes 5!)

At 9 months, Nora is also crawling everywhere, if we can even call it that! She has one leg crossed and the other she uses to push herself along with her foot. It is the funniest thing to watch! She also stands on both feet and walks around like that with her butt in the air. Everyone is telling me that she will be standing and walking soon but I love the crawling so much!

Still no mama or dada but she loves to babble and is finally getting more cuddly. Her favorite toy is still her books, and she loves The Wiggles. We watch it every morning.

With all these new changes has also come a new temper! Miss Nora Grace is already getting upset at the word “no” and will hit and scream at us if we do something she does not like. As much as is it cute and funny now, I worry at what she will be like in the next few months! I am not sure what approach to take as she is still too young to understand her feelings just yet. We tell her to be gentle and that it is not nice to hit and she usually sucks up with a kiss or quiets down right away. Oh, I can already see the temper tantrums in our near future!

With all that has been going on, I might have put Baby B on the back burner. So much so that I missed 3 weeks of baby bump pictures. I was sad when I realized this the other day but at the same time I know how precious this time is for Nora. We will never be able to get this time back and it will never just be us again.

This week, Baby B is the size of a grapefruit! We are already 23 weeks along. I am still feeling well, and my craving for peanut butter has died down somewhat. He is starting to have stronger kicks, and I can feel more precise movements as well. I love the feeling of them just rolling around in there! I am starting to panic a little with the thought of how much stuff I need to do and buy before his arrival, and also with the thought of how I am going to survive lol. I can’t balance thinking about two of them, nevermind keeping two of them alive!

It saddens me that my time with Nora will be coming to an end so quickly as well but I keep telling myself I’m in a better boat than all the mommies that have to return to work soon! I can’t imagine actually leaving her so that makes me feel much better!

This is one of the only recent pictures I have from when we went to the zoo the other day! Can’t you just see that little attitude!



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