Third trimester with Baby B

The third trimester…already!! How did this happen? 27 weeks doesn’t seem too bad but when you say third trimester or 13 weeks left to go…cue panic. I am SO not prepared for mister Baby B. I can’t find newborn or 0-3 pjs ANYWHERE and I’m just missing all kinds of stuff. I know some thingsContinue reading “Third trimester with Baby B”

2 Months in 1 Project Pan

2 months rolled into 1! Empties, a haul, and lots of progress!

5 things to do differently next time I go camping with a baby

Gah it’s been a long week. I’m not sure if I’m still overtired from camping last weekend and from Nora being sick or what but omg. Not only is miss Nora Grace super hyper and crawling all over the house but Mr Baby B is sitting so uncomfortably it’s giving me horrible back and tailContinue reading “5 things to do differently next time I go camping with a baby”

9 month update

Quick post and update tonight as we’ve been very busy and I already forgot to post last night… Nora’s daddy has been on vacation these last two weeks and I never want them to end! We’ve done so much, and I could watch the two of them interact all day long. We started this habitContinue reading “9 month update”