Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment Review

I got this tiny little eye treatment in a Tarte kit from Sephora. It is super tiny but luckily, a little goes a long way!

You are supposed to use a tiny amount around your eyes. I put it under my eyes and massage it up and around to my brow bone. It feels nice and it isn’t greasy. You’re supposed to use it twice a day but I usually just use it once. I have noticed that my makeup goes on smoother when I use this first so I tend to use it more in the mornings when I get ready.

The product is good, smells nice and the skin around my eyes does look a little better but honestly, I’m not sure I want to spend $48 CAD on this eye treatment. At least not at this point in my life. I’ll definitely keep using it though!

I might want to try other ones before I’d shell out that money for this. If it wasn’t so expensive I would probably buy it to be honest. This should last me quite a while so I’m good for now!

Any eye cream recommendations?



7 thoughts on “Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment Review

  1. I’m going through quite a few eye cream samples right now and I have a full size that I bought on clearance from the drug store. I don’t know if I really believe in an eye cream or not. Honestly, I think you could use face lotion near your eyes and get the same effect for less money.


      1. Honestly, I think it might be a scam. As long as your lotion or cream doesn’t irritate your eyes, then I think it is fine to use it around there. I like a gel cream for the morning and a lotion at night. A gel cream is just very firming around my eyes. Makes my bags go away the cooling sensation.


      2. I have a Kiel’s one currently that I cannot use near my eyes, because of the witch hazel. I am using a sample of the Belief eye gel and it is really good. Problem is they aren’t CF, so I cannot buy it. 😦 Garnier used to make my favorite moisture rescue gel, but they reformulated and it doesn’t moisturize like it used to. Plus, they aren’t CF either. I don’t have any recommendations. But I do want to try the Watermelon gel thing that everyone is talking about. Watermelon glow recipe? Or something like that.


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