La Diperie Review

My Social media accounts have been bombarded with posts with everyone going to La Diperie! I finally decided it was time to try it for the first time.

La Diperie has multiple locations in and around Montreal so we went to the one on Samon in Laval. There are a lot and they even have locations in Toronto too.

My boyfriend and I have been trying new places lately so I figured this would be perfect! La Diperie is known for their ice cream dipped and topped! They only have vanilla ice cream and then there are soooo many dips to choose from. Below is a picture of all the dips and all the toppings.

We made sure to get two different things so we can try out more options. He got a cone dipped in cookie dough with Oreo toppings… Of course he took a bite out of it before I could get my picture lol.

I got mine in a bowl with s’mores dip and M&Ms and pretzels.. SO GOOD! Not going to lie though, my boyfriend’s was even better.

It was a slow night because of the rain so we got to talk with the girl working. She was super friendly and the place was super clean. Everything was organized and just looked so pretty. The colours were so nice too.

The inside isn’t huge but they also have a little patio outside with tables and chairs which would be nice for a warm night! We stayed inside since it was raining but that’s okay!

All in all we really enjoyed our visit there and will definitely be going back sometime in the future!

Any restaurant recommendations for us to check out next?



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