5 Hacks for remembering things

I decided to try out something a little different this week for my blog post. I’ll make sure to include at least a little update on my babies at the end though!

Recently I got sent some Plexus Slim samples to try out which is a natural, plant-based pink drink. I took interest in this product since I had it seen it many, many times before. It is designated to improve your gut health and promote weight loss.

Since I am 5 months pregnant, weight loss isn’t a goal for me at the moment but upon some research and by reading the very informative books they send you, I realized it had so many benefits!

By drinking this drink two times a day, it is designed to regulate blood sugar which in turn can reduce cravings, improve your sleep, give you more energy and have a clearer mind. It’s a pregnant lady’s dream! The first thing that came to mind was that having a clearer mind would help me remember things! Between the mom brain and the constant thought of food, I forget literally EVERY. THING. Which then gave me the idea for this blog post. What do I do to actually try and remember things?

So while I tested this drink for a few days, I started to take note of the things I do to remember things (or at least try) and compile a list:

1. Write it in my phone

This should have a subcategory as there are many places I write things down but it is always the first thing I do. Whether it be in my calendar, in my notepad, or even in a text message I know I’ll see, this hack is pretty effective I would say.

2. Set a reminder

If I have an event or something important I try and remember to set a reminder in the calendar. For example, if I have a doctors appointment, I’ll set a reminder to tell me the day before that I have an appointment tomorrow. I like this idea but I have still forgotten again within those 24 hours.

3. Set an alarm

This is my go-to hack for remembering to bring things with me when I leave. Such as food for a pot-luck, or a gift to a birthday party. I will literally set an alarm in my phone 10 minutes before the time I am planning on leaving at, telling me not to forget to bring all the things.

4. Write it on a piece of paper

This has got to be my most annoying mom hack because I leave pieces of paper everywhere and they never make any sense to anyone but me. I like this trick however, for making lists. I think of the most random things at the most random times so it’s easiest to grab the paper closest to me and write down whatever thing I am thinking of. For example, I started a list of things I need to buy for Baby B but I was in a rush and just wrote down “boob.” I meant breast pump, but ya know, that’s a lot of effort.

5. Count

This last hack is by far my favourite one. My fiancé does it before leaving for work in the morning and I have no idea where he got it from but it is GENIUS. One morning I heard him going out the door, counting to himself. He got to 5 and then proceeded on he way. He knows that every morning before leaving he must have 5 things on him (wallet, phone, headphones, work pass, and bag.) I used this hack just yesterday when I knew we would be out of the house, I had 3 places to go. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to remember the 3 places but it’s works wonders!

I know there are many ways to remember things and some more effective than others but these 5 mom hacks work for me!

I must say though, this thing called pink drink has been working for me too! I am definitely having less cravings then I was having before, I have this energy that I don’t even know what to do with ( I swear I’m going to nest a few months in advance,) and guys, I can actually think. Like of actual stuff. Remembering things is always going to be a work in progress since I was horrible at it even before I got pregnant but this may be the miracle drink and help me out next week!

What tips/tricks do you have for remembering things?



Ps: Nora is FINALLY crawling, with one leg bend and using the other foot to push around and Baby B won’t stop moving either. They’re already in cahoots against me.

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