The Other Mother Book Review

No brag but I’ve been choosing some pretty good books lately! The Other Mother by Carol Goodman is the latest one I’ve read and OMG.

When I first opened this book it came with a warning (pictured below) and I was like okay maybe this isn’t something I’m going to want to read. What was happening in this book that there needs a warning? I’m not a new mother so I figured I was good to go. I’m glad I kept going because I learnt so much in this book.

Postpartum psychosis and postpartum OCD are things I never really heard of. I mean I’ve heard of the things women have done when they had it but I never heard a medical term associated with it. Just a lot of negativity and stigmas. I understand the warning at the beginning now. A lot of women suffering are susceptible to other peoples stories and often come to believe that it has happened to them and that now something is wrong with them/their baby. These delusions are kind of contagious. While the story was great, I’m glad I read the book in order to bring my attention to this. It isn’t something anyone warns you about or talks about. At least I have never heard anyone having it. I’ve heard of the depression after having a baby as I’m sure many people have too.

I suppose I should talk about the story now and not just keep going on. So this is about two mothers, Daphne and Laurel, that meet in a new mother support group. They are both suffering from different things, like most of the other mothers and they were told they should attend by their husbands. They meet here and then the two become friends. Their babies even have the same name!

As their friendship grows, they become more similar.. one losses a little weight and changes her hair which makes them more alike. Daphne doesn’t realize right away that their intense friendship will eventually lead her to go on the run, taking her daughter with her to a live in job in a mansion beside an insane asylum. The mansion and the asylum are filled with secrets and a long history. This adds fuel to her dangerous thoughts and her fears of hurting her daughter because of her postpartum mood disorder.

I loved this book, it was very well written and contained some of my favourite things. Murder, secrets, and of course a messed up family. I seriously recommend this. I actually feel like a gained a lot from reading this, I feel more informed as I mentioned earlier about women suffering after having children. Even women who appear to have the perfect life can be affected.

Please abide by the warning and do not read it if it could become problematic for you.



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