Freaking out again, like always.

I feel like every blog post from here on out is going to start this way but I’m such an emotional wreck this week. So many things happened and are happening…can we please freeze time for a little awhile?

How is it possible that in a mere three days, THREE DAYS, my tiny little newborn is going to be 9 months? How is it possible that she’s been growing and living on this Earth for the same amount of time that I carried her in my tummy for? I was going to count the days and hours but I hadn’t even started yet and I was already tearing up…

The past 9 months have felt like such a whirlwind. It feels like a whole lifetime ago that I found I was pregnant for the first time, or that we sat in the hospital for 17 hours in labour. My pregnancy with Nora felt like it went by so fast compared to actually being by her side. I’m thankful that these past months went by slowly and that I was able to appreciate and enjoy every single moment. I never want to forget this time with her, how tiny her feet are, her smell, how she looks at me, all her first milestones. I want to remember how much she likes to throw herself off furniture, and how the only way to get her to laugh is to pretend to drop her. I still can’t believe how far we’ve come!

(Insert pic on Sunday -9 months in, 9 months out)

I know it will start to go by quicker once the new baby comes and as they get older, the years will fly by before my eyes. So I’m going to enjoy the next few months with her being as present as I can be, stare at her for as long as I please, and inhale her scent for just a little too long.

I never thought I could love someone, or be as proud of someone as I am with my baby girl. For those who know me, yes I’ve felt the love of a Mother before, Cloe will always be my first baby, and I love her as much as I love my own, but I can’t take all the credit for the amazing child she has become today. To love every single inch and fibre of a human being is incredible.

In honour of Nora turning 9 months, I want to pull up my big girl socks and finally write her birth story. As she gets older and new moments fill my brain, I don’t want to forget a single detail about that day (even though I probably already have.) I know it’s going to be hard to write, and it’s going to be hella long, but I feel like it’s important for me as a parent to put all my emotions down and write it as raw as it can be. I’m hoping it will help me to mentally prepare for this second birth as well.

Speaking of second birth, we found out this week that Baby B is indeed a little boy! I’m still in disbelief as there’s not many boys in my family and I don’t see myself raising any boys, but he is super healthy and that’s all that matters. I know we are lucky to have been blessed with one of each gender, and it will keep things interesting thats for sure! We’ve finally been able to feel a few kicks on the outside, but he’s been hanging out really low in my pelvic area so it’s harder to feel. I also really want peanut butter, like all the time, on everything.

Please spam me with any tips/tricks on raising a boy (yes I know to point it down!) and if you’ve written a birth story I would love to read it!



4 thoughts on “Freaking out again, like always.

  1. I wrote my birth story on my blog, but it might traumatize you. lol. YES! Peanut butter on everything! That was a constant craving of mine. I ate granny smith apples smothered in them. Honestly, I left my son intact. We aren’t Jewish, so I don’t see the point of removing part of his body that protects the penis. Yes, I am saying penis in your comment section! Seriously, everyone warned me that he would have infections, but he never has EVER! I actually read and did my research and it turns out that circumcised boys are actually more likely to get infections because the penis is unprotected. If you do decide to leave your boy intact, the first time his penis head “appears” it is going to freak you out. lol. It appeared a lot sooner than what I was told. About 18 months old, his skin released. I don’t have to do anything special. I just wipe him when he pees. He takes a bath about every other night. I see a little tooth on Nora! Awe! So cute! Just remember whatever you decide for your son is your decision. Honestly, the way I see it, it should be his decision for when he gets older to decide. I haven’t seen many in my life, but all the ones I’ve seen were intact. Don’t know why American culture is so obsessed. lol. It’s your family. At 2 1/2, my Dean is such a cuddle bug. It doesn’t change anytime soon.

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    1. Haha thanks mama! It was never an option for us, were leaving him as is as well! I guess I have to get used to the word “penis” cause apparently they’re obsessed with them lol. I love that he is still a cuddle bug! Nora isn’t very cuddly so that would be nice. Did you freak out the first time he got an erection? Because I heard that happens a lot too!

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      1. Every morning and he even humps his pillow now. lol. He does that when he is tired and ready for a nap. It’s more of a nuisance than a shock because you have to wipe that area. lol. Since he was born, every morning….In the early months, he would pee as soon as you tried to open the diaper. Never got it in the face, but close. The first time the head of the penis peeked through the skin was scary with a morning erection! I took him to the ER b/c I thought something was wrong with it. lol.


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