Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gel Review

I got a little sample of this Tarte cleaning gel with a kit of their Rainforest of the Sea products. I then got the full sized one and I’m really enjoying it.

The sample one was kind of a pain since it was hard to get out but the full sized one is way better. My skin feels so nice after this and I’m honestly loving the Rainforest of the Sea products!

This is super easy to use too, I put some on a wet facecloth and wash my face. I rinse with warm water, pat dry and then put my moisturizer on. I’ve finally got a bit of a skincare routine!

The packaging is just too cute on all the Tarte products! This smells nice too, it changes though. It starts out smelling.. I can’t even describe it but it smells good.. almost minty? Then when you massage it in, it smells more like soap.

Another plus is that it is vegan and hypoallergenic. I have super sensitive skin and so far no issues with this cleanser!

So far I really like it and I will keep using it for sure. I might end up buying another one when I finish it.

How many steps are in your skincare routine?



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