Vacation time

This past week and next week as well my mom is on vacation. It has been so nice to have a change of routine and an actual adult to talk to all day long! I’m so thankful that we are so close and that she doesn’t mind spending all her time with me…

So far I can sum up the past week with one word…SHOPPING. We have literally shopped everyday. As much as I am exhausted at night, at least I can fall asleep at a reasonable hour! Nora’s schedule has been messed up all week too, because we have been out and about, but she doesn’t seem to mind it too much. I was really nervous about this so I’m glad it’s going well!

Tomorrow we are going on a road trip to go maternity shopping and I’m so excited! It’s about a two hour drive but I’m sure it will go well. Nora has started falling asleep in the car again (thank god) so car rides have been much easier lately.

My mom and I had so many other plans for next week, including the beach, but now it looks like we are getting hit with a heat wave. Of course, just perfect timing for when we have the time to do all things outdoors😭. I hope it doesn’t last as long as they say it will because I really wanted to take Nora to the beach for the first time. I know we will have weekends and her Daddy will be on vacation soon too but still.

Speaking of Daddy being on vacation soon, I need some ideas of what we can do! He is such a home body but he’s willing to do things so I need to make it count…we had looked at going away but it was too last minute. Any suggestions?

I love this stage in pregnancy where we have all the energy and the belly is not too big! It feels like we are on top of the world and can accomplish anything! With many breaks of course😉 We are now at week 18 with Baby B, so close to half way already! I can finally feel movements, and they are getting really strong. Besides a sore neck and hip were feeling really good. I really need to start taking some bump pictures…



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